Top 10 Popular Sports Activities, Malaga Spain

top 10 popular sports activities,  malaga, spain

Welcome to Malaga! Are you planning to have a holidays or be an expat in Malaga Spain?

Malaga is one of the poular tourist destination in southern Spain due of a great weather, perfect to relax and sports activities whether inland, water and air. Discover the surprising paradise, one of the nice beaches in Spain, charming white towns and villages, green mountains, cultural and leisure. Experience the natural surroundings and Spanish gastronomy and discover the history through its cultural heritage, and take part in its customs and traditions. Below are the Top 10 Popular Sports Activities for tourists in Malaga, Spain.

1. GOLF 

Looking for a great golfing holidays with families and friends? Costa del Sol is one of the most popular golfing destinations for tourists and expats. playing golf in a great weather is perfect, with a lot of golf courses can be found with matches your preferences and resources. Four of the golf courses in Costa del Sol was Rank and featured in UK guide Top 100 Golf Courses.

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top 10 popular sports activities,  malaga, spain

Biking/Cycling in Costa del sol is one of the many adventures that tourist can experience with a great weather and stunning landscape that makes Costa del Sol an ideal location for biking which Offers a lot of biking routes with different levels and cycling tour.

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top 10 popular sports activities,  malaga, spain

For nature lover, definitely you will love Costa del Sol, explore the countryside and mountain area  across trails and footpath, which offers a lot of hiking trails with diferent levels and hiking tours.

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Costa del Sol beaches offers a good weather conditions for kitesurfing during spring and summer a pleasant thermal winds from southeast with an average temperature 23 ° C,  particularly in Torremolinos, Marbella, San Pedro de Alcantara and Estepona.

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Kayaking in Costa del Sol is one of many adventures that tourist can experience with a great weather and numbers of stunning lakes and a crystal clear water of Mediterranean sea that makes Costa del Sol perfect for Kayaking and tourist can experience.

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Experience and explore the scenic landscape of Costa del Sol through buggy or quad biking in an off road trails, adventure into the woodlands, valleys, shallow rivers and head up into the hills and enjoy the panoramic view of Andalucia. There are many companies organizing buggy and quad tours with different varieties of itineraries, suiting all kinds of visitors.

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Experience this extreme adventure activity in Costa del Sol, which involves navigating down the water course with a combination of walking, climbing, swimming, abseiling and jumping through canyons, rivers and banks.

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top 10 popular sports activities,  malaga, spain

Paintballing is one of the popular extreme sports activities, where Costa del Sol has a numbers of Paintballing companies which organize action activity. Experience the fun and thrill, test your skills, this fast paced and adrenaline pumping extreme sport activities for family and friends to have a day out they will never forget.

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Experience the superb spanish horseback riding in Costa del Sol, with the beautiful fit and surefooted Andalucian horses. Ride the exceptional spanish horses through the most breathtaking and varied countryside Andalucia has to offer.

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If you are looking for one of the best relaxation together with your family and friends, hire a private boat is the best one for you. Costa del Sol offer a wide variety of of water sports activities for all family, you will find all types of boats that organize trips and evening functions such as sailing boats, yatchs, cruise ships and catamarans the most requested types of boat.

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These are the Top 10 Sport Activities in Malaga, Spain book your flights now!

Estepona's Best Hiking Route | Sierra Bermeja Mountain

Estepona's Best Hiking Route | Sierra Bermeja Mountain

Wazzup Adventurers out there! Do you love hiking? If you are, you might enjoy reading my article today, especially when you're living in Spain or Europe.

Europe is one of the best and most spectacular scenery, when it comes to nature and it is definitely perfect for hiking. Hikers enjoys hiking during spring, summer and autumn seasons, but in Spain the best seasons for hiking is spring and autumn when the weather is not too hot or not too cold. Hiking during summer in Spain is not tolerable due that it's extremely hot. Spain is one of the favourite destination for foreign hikers due that Spain has wealth of Hiking areas, nice weather and one of the cheapest country in Europe.

Hiking in Sierra Bermeja Mountain, Estepona, Spain

Estepona is one of the towns of Costa del Sol in the province of Malaga, in Andalusia region southern Spain. Offers a different types of hiking routes such as easy, moderate and difficult. Sierra Bermeja Mountain is one of the popular mountain in Estepona when it comes to hiking.

The Hiking tour is approximately 4 hours one way, 2 hours hiking with (2.7km) road trail and 2 hours (2.2km) hiking with footpath to reach the highest peak of the mountain. Before you will reach on the top of the mountain,  you will pass by Paseo de los Pinsapos another hiking trail of Sierra Bermeja mountain where you can see a hundreds of Spanish fir or Abies Pinsapo which only found in Sierra Bermeja mountain. Continuing up to the mountain road you will see The Refuge " Refugio de los Reales" where you can eat and drink in a typical countryside restaurant and recreational area with picnic tables and barbecue facilities. Continuing on the foot about hundred metres, there's a viewing point called Mirador Salvador Guerrero which spectacularly overlooks the attire coast and the Gibraltar Island.

estepona's best hiking route | Sierra bermeja mountain

Climb the highest peak of the mountain in Pico Reales, Sierra Bermeja with average height of 1,450m but it's only 10km close to the sea is absolutely breathtaking, there are few places in the world where mountain reaches this height but yet so close to the sea. The area undergone major volcanic activity, rocks are rich in olivine mineral and the Rainwater has oxidised the iron and magnesium that made rocks colored reddish-ginger.

estepona's best hiking route | sierra bermeja mountain

estepona's best hiking route | Sierra bermeja mountain


From Estepona inner bypass (Avda de Andalucia) near mercadona supermarket (MA 557). Take the road where there is a signposted Genalguacil from traffic lights and follow the road signs going to Los Reales, Sierra Bermeja.

Holi Colours Costa del Sol 2017

Holi Colours Costa del Sol 2017

Spain is a fun place to live, where they celebrate a lot of fiestas and festivals throughout the year, most of these event come from religious holidays. If you're party animal or partygoer mark your calendar for the crazy and fun festivals around Spain to make your trip even more memorable.

Holi Colours Festival in San Pedro de Alcantara, Costa del Sol

Revelers of the Holi Colours Festival threw a hundred colored powders in the air in San Pedro Alcantara, Malaga, Spain. As the biggest colour music festival in Costa del Sol, which celebrated two days event from Saturday 12pm till 12am and Sunday 12pm to 7pm at Recinto Ferial el Ingenio.

Holi Colours Festival is a music and concert event with coloured powder tossed handfuls to one another. Which celebrated during spring time, where the European inspired by the traditional Hindu Holi Festival. Primarily observed in India, Nepal and some other countries where the Hindu religion is practiced, but in European version was purely festive affair that attracted many tourists, which usually held outdoors.

Hundreds of Spaniards, tourists and some immigrants celebrated their version of the traditional Hindu religious festival. The revelers enjoying themselves as they raise their hands up in the air and dance the popular electro music and techno spanish music played by different local DJs.

holi colours costa del sol 2017

holi colours costa del sol 2017

holi colours costa del sol 2017

holi colours costa del sol 2017

holi colours costa del sol 2017

holi colours costa del sol 2017

holi colours costa del sol 2017

holi colours costa del sol 2017

Practical Advice

  • Wear clothes and shoes that you don't care about, or wear white clothes if you want to keep as an artistic souvenir.
  • Cover your camera and mobile phone in a plastic wrap.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the powder.
  • Be sure you EAT and DRINK (but not just tipsy) before you come inside the event, foods and drinks are expensive and uneasy to buy due that crowded place.

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The Passion of Christ Live Reenactment 2017 Benalmadena, Spain

What made this town famous in southern Spain during Holy Week?

The Passion of Christ Live Reenactment 2017 Benalmadena, Malaga, Spain.

the passion of christ reenactment 2017 Benalmadena, spain

We all know that Spain is almost entirely Roman Catholic country. In addition to the nation's history and its Mediterranean and Atlantic environment have played a significant role shaping its culture, and also shaping other cultures,  such as the culture of Latin America and Philippines through colonization of Spaniards.

Spain is known especially for Semana Santa or Holy week traditions. Is an annual tribute of Passion of Jesus Christ celebrated by Catholics. The Catholic religious brotherhoods and fraternities perform penance processions in the city or town during the last week of lent. In this traditional event, there's a major difference between regions, in the Andalucia region Holy Week is the most glamorous celebrations in the region, particularly in the town of Benalmadena, in the province of Malaga, which they perform live, public reenactments of the Passion of Christ.

Catholicism is a tradition and religious beliefs which talks about many things and supreme being which is called theologies and doctrines, liturgies is a form of religious worshipping and ethics is moral principles or moral values to govern person's behaviour. 

The Passion of Christ Live Reenactment 2017 Benalmadena, Malaga, Spain.

the passion of christ reenactment 2017 benalmadena, spain

Benalmadena is one of the town of Malaga province in the southern Spain. One of the most tourist visited town in the province with attractive beaches, interesting places, architectures and religious events. It has both traditional Spanish village and modern coastal tourist area.

Benalmadena is known for its festivals and cultural celebrations, from sporting events, traditional and religious events. One of the popular religious event is the Holy Week or Semana Santa, which is a special time in Benalmadena. Apart from the usual religious processions through the streets, there's also a live public reenactment of Passion of Christ  or 'El Paso' in the old village.

The Passion of Christ '' El Paso'' is a dramatic story life of Jesus Christ during his last days before his crucifixion. Many of the town locals take to the stage to represent different biblical characters, which will be performing public live every Maundy Thursday and Good Friday in an open air theatre in the Rustic park Benalmadena Pueblo.

the passion of christ reenactment 2017 benalmadena, spain

the passion of christ reenactment 2017 benalmadena, spain

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Superb Seaside Biking in Costa del Sol

Superb Seaside Biking in Costa del Sol

superb seaside biking in costa del sol

Wazzup travellers and adventurers out there!

Are you planning to visit Malaga in Costa del Sol, particularly in San Pedro de Alcántara or Marbella and looking for adventure? San Pedro Alcántara and Marbella has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor activities and one of that is cycled with different levels, such as, easy, moderate and difficult bike trails. Come on let's just get acquainted!

superb seaside biking in costa del sol


Costal del Sol literally translated to "Sun Coast" is a province in the south of Spain, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, comprising the coastal towns and communities along the coastline of the Province of Málaga. The name itself is the highlights the fact that the province enjoys the sunny weather and a perfect climate. Which the place is ideal for tourist destination.

San Pedro de Alcántara is one of the towns of Costa del Sol, southern Spain, belong to the province of Malaga, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia. San Pedro de Alcántara is one of the  most demanded locations in Costa del Sol for property sales, long term rentals and popular, convenient location for a summer holiday with a lot of cafe's, bars, restaurants, boutiques and the famous wide and long promenade with spacious beach with a number of al fresco diners in restaurants "chiringuitos" and bars.

Marbella is a city and municipality of Costa del Sol, southern Spain, belong to the province of Malaga, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia. Marbella is one of the most popular tourist cities of Costa del Sol due to the beaches, perfect climate, historic buildings and social events.


Costa del Sol is one of the many adventures that tourist can be experienced. Experience the 32 km both ways seaside bike trails in San Pedro Alcántara going to Marbella, is one of the leisure activities in the place. South from boulevard along a wide tree lined avenue is the beach, with a wide and long promenade with clean and spacious beach with plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants, where you can begin your journey.

superb seaside biking in costa del sol

superb seaside biking in costa del sol

superb seaside biking in costa del sol

superb seaside biking in costa del sol


 Yep.Bike In San Pedro de Alcántara offers different kind of bikes for rent, as low as 7€ for 24 hours includes helmet and locks. They aslo sell high end different kinds of bikes, bicycles parts, accessories and repair.

Address Calle Mainake 5, San Pedro de Alcántara, 29670 / Avenida luis braille 24, San Pedro de Alcántara 29670


  • The Hogan Stand Is an Irish bar and restaurant in San Pedro de Alcántara with live music performance. Located at the center of San Pedro, infront of children's playground.
  • Noa Is a gastrobar with live DJ, located in the center of San Pedro, close to ChIldren's playground.
  • Da Bruno Is one of the famous Italian restaurant in town.

The Best of Malaga,Spain | Top tourist attractions

The Best of Málaga, Spain|Top tourist attractions

Malaga Port

A short vacation and another one of a kind experienced travelling during may natal's day and celebrating New Years eve in another City was awesome and the best treat ever experienced for myself.

Roaming around in the City of Málaga for a couple of days makes me satisfied and fulfilled. Witnessing the Christmas lights makes the place colorful and Christmas light show was the famous highlights in the City during Festive seasons.

Málaga is municipality and Capital of the province of Málaga in Andalucia autonomous community region of Spain and it is the second largest city in the region. Located in southern part of Spain, the city and the province lies on Costa del Sol of Mediterranean.

Málaga is the main economic and financial center of southern of Spain and the fourth ranking city in economic activity. Málaga main business sectors are technology services, construction and tourism. The whole Costa del Sol enjoyed the highest growth of tourism. 

Malaga Top tourist attractions

Alcazaba of Malaga (La Alcazaba de Málaga) is a fortress and palace, built in  10th-15 century by Hummudid dynasty in Moorish architectural style. The fortress stands as the 
famous landmark of Malaga, situated in the hilltop of historic city center.


Calle Alcazabilla w, 29012 Malaga

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Roman Theater (Teatro Romano) is an ancient theater built in 1st century AD. It's a free sightseeing located in the city center beside Alcazaba fortress.


Calle Alcazabilla,S/N 29005 Málaga
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Gibralfaro Castle (Castillo de Gibralfaro) is Moorish castle fortress built in 10-15th century. Sits on the top of the hill which overlooks the city of Malaga.


You can go by foot or by bus, take bus No.35 at city center.

Camino de Gibralfaro 11,Malaga 29016, Malaga

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Málaga Cathedral (Catedral de Málaga) is a Roman Catholic Church, built in Renaissance architectural style and was constructed between 1528-1782,which estimated 84 meters or 276 ft. in high. Located in the center of the city.

Calle Molina Lario 9,29015 Malaga

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Málaga Port (Puerto de Malaga) is an International seaport located in the city of Málaga. One of the oldest operated seaport in Spain and Mediterranean. The Málaga Seaport facilities operated 10 wharves such as, megayatchs and touristic cruise ships, cruise ships, Roll-on/Roll-off, Roll-on/Roll-off bulk liquids and break bulk,  Repairs and defence forces, bulk liquids and dangerous goods, Containers Roll-on/Roll-off and Bulk liquid import/export. Along the bay with a numbers of shops,restaurants,cafes where you can shops and relax.



Muelle de Canovas, s/n. Malaga 29001

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Larios Street (Calle Marqués de Larios) is a main pedestrian shopping street located in the city center. Where you can see a lots of international and local shops,restaurants,bars and cafe's. 


Calle Marqués de Larios, Malaga

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Picasso Museum (Museo de Picasso) is the museum of famous artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso, where the city he was born.

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was a famous and one of the greatest spanish artist of 20th century.  He is a multi talented artist such as painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramist, stage designer, poet and playwright.

Palacio de Buenavista,Calle San Augustin 8,29015 Malaga

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Constitution Square of Malaga (Plaza de la Constitucion) is the City square of Malaga where various events will be held,such as New Year's Eve countdown, Feria, Holy week and etc.


Plaza de Constitución 1,29005 Malaga,Spain

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Malaga Province offers you a wide beaches and various of beach resorts. Due that the province is Costa del Sol, comprising coastal towns and communities along the coastline.

Malagueta Beach it's only 10 minutes walk away from downtown of Malaga. It's convenient if your staying in the city. 

Noria Mirador Princess is a Ferris wheel located in the city nearby in Malaga Port. Stands 70 meters tall and weighing 600 tons. Offers panoramic views across the city, port and Mediterranean sea with 42 air-conditioned cabins. The wheel has also a Led light that gives stunning views during the night.

Puerto de Malaga,Muelle de Heredia,s/n 29001 Malaga

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Malaga offers a boat city sightseeing, which you can see the entire view of malaga port and a fascinating hundreds of birds flocking together from the water. It is perfect and romantic leisure with your love ones. 


Malaga offers a Bus city sightseeing, which explore around the city, with a 24 hours validity ticket. Hop-on, hop-off bus tour starts at main Bus station.


Malaga offers exciting fun transport. Try Segway tours with various selection of routes such as, tour around the city, tour to Gibralfaro castle, harbour tour and etc.


Malaga Muelle Uno or Malaga Pier One, offers a numbers of restaurants, bars, cafe's and shops with local and international brands. Stretching to Muelle dos or Pier two known also called as Palm Grove of Surprises or Palmeral de las sorpresas is a great atmosphere and a cozy place to relax,drink and eat. It is also perfect for families with small children, where there is a children's playground, gardens and various activities to keep them entertained.


What's Christmas and New Year in Malaga like?
Malaga Christmas lights and Christmas lights show is the famous highlights of the city, where a thousand of tourists coming to visit the fascinating city and attending new year's countdown and  street party.